2019: America replies El-Rufai, we shall hold those inciting violence responsible

Mr. Michael Pompeo, the United States secretary of state, has warned that individuals and institution that try to interfere and scuttle the Nigeria 2019 General Elections will be held responsible.

Pompeo in a statement made available by his country state department warned that Nigeria elections present an opportunity for the country to consolidate her democracy and take the lead in setting a model for other African countries to emulate.

“The United States government supports a free, fair, transparent, and peaceful election that reflects the will of the Nigerian people,” the statement reads.

“It is critical that the Independent National Electoral Commission operates free from outside pressure and intimidation and in a totally objective manner.

“Nigerian security services must provide a safe and secure environment for the Nigerian people to exercise their rights. Those who interfere in the electoral process or incite violence must be held to account.

“The upcoming elections are an opportunity for Nigeria to solidify its place as a democratic leader in Africa.”

Mr. Nasir el-Rufai, the Kaduna state governor had on Tuesday, warned the international community to stay off Nigeria election, warning that any foreign body that tries to interfere into Nigeria election will be taken back home in a body bag.

El-Rufai, issued the threat while appearing on Nigeria Television Authority morning show anchored by Cyril Stober.

The governor comment has generated huge critiques, leading to el-rufai denying his comment, saying he was quoted out of context.

The European Union has since issued a statement telling el-Rufai, that his threat cannot deter them from carrying out their election observation mission.


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