2019: Igbos will suffer if they refuse to vote Buhari —APC warns

Mr. Innocent Ojike, South-east youth Coordinator of Buhari campaign has warned Ibos of the suffering that await them if they refuse to vote Mr.
Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate in February 16 polls.

Ojike  handed down the warning at a press conference on Saturday in Awka.

Ibos win loose out of the country political arrangement if they refuse to vote Buhari.

Ojike has since assured the Ibos that Buhari will win the presidential election.

Ibos vote for Buhari will determine their chance of producing president in 2023.

Ibos  made a huge mistake for not voting Buhari in 2015, and warn that they should not allowed such mistake repeat itself.

The youth cordinator disclosed that Ibos voting strength is smallest in the country.

Igbo should work in partnership with other zones to ensure they get a slot of producing a president in 2023, he said.

“All hands should be on deck to achieve this noble objective, since the zone cannot do it alone, he added.

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