2019: Kwara bans street  campaigns  as Political violence continues

The Kwara state Governor Mr. Abdulfatah Ahmed, has placed a ban on street campaigns as Political violence persist in the state in the bid up to 2019 general elections.

The governor made the announcement on Tuesday and said the state took the decision as a result of clash among political parties in the state and the need to ensure peace.

The governor said all parties planning to carry out campaigns in the state will do that in a designated areas and not on the street anymore.

He regretted that rather than the campaign to be peaceful, it has turned out to be violece, a situation the governor said he cannot accept from any party, hence banned street campaigns.

“Unfortunately, what we have witnessed is an increasing resort to criminality as a result of heightened political activities with a consequent threat to law and order,” he said.

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) supporters in the last two weeks have clashed on the streets during campaigns leading to violence and some sort of criminalities.

However, Mr. Bukola Saraki, the Nigeria senate president who recently dumped the ruling APC for the main opposition party, the PDP and Mr.  Lai Mohammed,  the Minister of information who is in APC are the actors in Kwara state believe to be behind the crisis that have been witnessed during the campaign.

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