21 days after swearing in, Buhari yet to make a single appointment

Today makes if 21 days Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria president was sworn in for a second term of office, and yet he is yet to make any single appointment.

In Nigeria, Buhri spent a longer period of time before making appointments with the appointment of ministers staying six months.

Niger may be going back to the 2015 experience as their president has made no appointment 29 days after his swearing.

The president has officially dissolved his cabinet with other political appointments believed to have come to an end on the 29 day of May when his first term ended.

Although the president had promised not to follow the footprint of 2015 experience, his delay to make an appointment since he was sworn in May 29 leaves many to believe that the president has nothing tangible to show that is different from what Nigeria witnessed in 2015.

Buhari in 2015 spent six months in office before appointing ministers and over three years before making some appointment, while he did not make appointments in some key offices until the end of his first term.

The practice is that the president will immediately appoint a secretary to the government of the federation and his spokespersons while subsequent appointments will follow.

In 2015, Mr. Buhari appointed Mr. Femi Adesina two days after his swearing in.

The known practice is that Chief of staff and secretary to the federation are supposed to be appointed within 24 hours after the president was sworn in.

A practice Buhari has since ignored.

At the state level, some governors have made major appointments, just as Mr. Ahmad Lawan, the Senate president and his colleague, the Speaker of the House of Representatives have also made major appointments.

It is however not clear why the president is yet to make an appointment, 29 days he was sworn in.  

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