3,600 children in military detention in Nigeria

There are over 3,600 children in military detention across the northeast part of Nigeria, Human Rights Watch report has shown.

The children that were arrested and detained by the military for involvement in Boko Haram recounted how some of them died in detention and were taken away by the military.

They say they were kept under a very terrible condition that led to the death of some of them.

Most of the detained children are held in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

A revelation, the military has since denied.

However some of the children that have regained freedom recounted how they watched their mates die while the military took their corps away.

One of the children, Abdulrahman was detained in the adult cell for six months before he was taken to children’s cell where he spent additional two years.

Abdulrahman recounted how he saw detainees die in both adult and children cell.

He said he saw many detainees die in the adult cell while he counted 10 kids who died in the children cell.

He narrated that some died in the prison while others in the cell.

The dead bodies were taken away by the military he said.

Another child, Saeed, recounted how he was detained in Banki, Borno.

He added that he was severely maltreated during interrogation by the military while some of the detainees had their hands broken and other forms of injuries sustained.

He recounted how his hands and legs were tied to a tree from morning to night and was flogged for refusing to accept being a Boko Haram member.

He said Civilian Joint Tax Force members did the torturing while the solders supervised it.

The teenager said some were shot while other detainees were beaten to death with stick at the course of interrogation.

I know a detainee from my village that was killed during the interrogation, he said.

He disclosed that the cell has no facilities, forcing detainees to use buckets for toilets.

That was the situation for over four months until Red Cross built a toilet at the detention centre, he added.

The link below shows children narrating their ordeal in military detention.

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