About Us

Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA-Foundation) a creation of West Africa Reporters is a nonprofit media organization based in Abuja with a vision to give voice to the less privileged and disadvantaged communities and ensures public accountability through media freedom.

MAWA works to promote accountability, good governance, human rights, peace and security, democracy, free speech, through verifiable and reliable information dissemination and capacity building.

Founders of the organization believe that in all democratic societies, access to information and accountability is key and that is achievable through objective and professional journalism.

MAWA, founded in January 2016, believes that the time has come for West Africa to embrace access to information and open data which will pave way for accountability.

We have come to fill that missing link, and therefore raise the standard of media and journalism in West Africa.


Audu Liberty Oseni /COORDINATOR

Audu Liberty Oseni is a communication strategist who works and partners with NGOs, the media, companies and individuals to grow their organizational and professional brands by helping them to understand communication objectives; identify and know their target audience; and to deliver the appropriate message. After spending close to a decade working in different NGOs as a communication officer and media outfits as a journalist, Liberty knows what truly drives conversations, and has strategically engaged respective audience in communications and campaigns.

Liberty has featured in both print and electronic media, including Premium Times, BBC, Daily Trust etc. His articles have been featured in the Global Research, Rockefeller Foundation, Premium Times, Daily Trust, Sahara Reporters, in addition to his communication experience, Liberty trains many on media and effective communication. Liberty studied political science from the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Masters in Strategic Communication-Ahmadu University, Zaria. He currently serves as a communication consultant to NGOs and media organisations.

George Kumar/Editor 

Mr. George Kumar, is a Ghanaian with over 7 years experience  in the practice of professional journalism. He serves as a consultant editor to many newspaper organisations. He has trained over 400 journalists across Africa.


Audu Alhassan is a deep-rooted media personality with several years’ experience in professional journalism. His flair for journalism makes him outstanding among his colleagues.

Our Editorial Philosophy

Our Editorial Philosophy is to defend the principle of press freedom, the right of the citizens to speak out whenever they choose. Citizens must have free and equal access to information without hindrance.

We promote public accountability among citizens as well as networking among community residents, community leaders, change agents, civic organizations, government agencies, media and non-governmental organizations.

Our editors allow contributors opinions, even when they do not agree with such opinions.

Our editors will never allow censorship, and this is so central for us being an advocate of public accountability without interference.

Our editors and reporters must demonstrate an understanding of fact and balancing all stories. We believe that, if you are in doubt of any story you leave and don’t publish. And, to do this effectively, our editors and reporters are giving training regularly.

Our editorial standards must be respected and upheld to the best of our abilities.

Our mission and vision guide our stories and publications, and these are done with a clear understanding of diverse audience who are our readers.

Email us at: info@westafricareporters.com