Accident averted as Train kills 60 cows along Kaduna-Abuja route

An accident was on Wednesday averted as Trained killed 60 cows along the Kaduna-Abuja route while conveying passengers from Abuja to Kaduna.

Mr. Shehu Sani, a Nigerian lawmaker who was a passenger in the train, narrated how it killed the cows straying along the tracks, derailed into the Bush, and later moved on.

Sani said the angry Herdsmen whose cows were killed were seen reigning curses on both passengers and Train.

Reporting the incident, Sani tweeted:

“Today, the Kaduna-Abuja morning train of which I happened to be a passenger killed over 60 cows that strayed along the tracks, before the train finally stopped in the Bush and we later we moved on. The Herdsmen ran into the Bush reigning curses”.


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