Aisha Buhari insists, APC social investment programme failed

Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the Nigeria’s president wife again has said her husband National Social Investment Programme, N-SIP has failed, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) is reporting.

The President wife made this known on Saturday at Katsina the President home state.

Aisha spoke in Batsari, Katsina State where she went to distribute relief materials to bandit attacks survivors.

Speaking at the venue of relief materials distribution, she said although N500 billion was released by the Federal Government to assist vulnerable Nigerians, only a few had benefited.

She tasked the managers of the scheme to go to Katsina state and assist bandit attacks survivors.

“These people gave over one million votes during the general elections, they really need the assistance and they deserve to be given,” she said.

She also appealed to the National Emergency Management Agency to join the social investment programme in assisting survivors.

Aisha said there is urgent need to bring the activities of bandits to an end before they wipe off the entire population.

She said the security agencies have two option, to bring the  insecurity to an end or allow them kill everybody.

Aisha said influential Nigerians must speak up against the insecurity in the country to compel the security agents to do their work and protect the nation.

The president wife condemned those who are keeping quiet over the huge insecurity in Nigeria.

“We should not keep silent while things are happening, thinking that if something happens today it will not happen tomorrow,

“What happened today, will happen tomorrow, it will also happen next tomorrow if we keep silent.

“It is compulsory to speak the truth, it is not proper for us to give highest number of votes during the general elections and allow bandits continue killing people and keep quiet.

“We must speak on whatever is going wrong in the country,” she said.

The president wife and former Nasarawa, Bayelsa, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom wives donated the relief materials, Aisha saud.

Mr. Aminu Abdulmumini, the District Head of Katsina, showed deep appreciation to the President wife and tasked the Nigerian government to work hard in ensuring insecurity in the county comes to an end.

Abdulmumini said despite military presence, bandits kill people in the state on daily basis and wonders what is going on in the state.

North west Nigeria has suffered huge attacks from bandits with Katsina and Zamfara being the most hit.

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