Amaechi, I am not in politics to serve, solve problems, unemployment pushed me into it

Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, the Nigerian minister of transportation, former Rivers state house of assembly speaker and a Governor for eight years, has said unemployment pushed him into politics, revealing he did not go into politics to serve and solve problems.

“I didn’t join politics because I wanted to be a leader or because I wanted to solve Nigeria’s problems. I joined because of unemployment. I also believe there is a part that grace played in it,” the Punch quoted the minister as saying in an interview.

This is even as the minister has been in politics since 1999 serving in different capacities while he was a member of the People Democratic Party (PDP) before joining the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

In the interview, Amaechi said, “The poor are still here and I doubt if they would ever go away. What happens is that the elite – whether the capitalists or socialists – must manage them in such a way that they can be provided for,” he added.

This is even as he is part of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President kitchen cabinet selected to solve Nigeria’s problem and move the country in the path of development.

A task, Amaechi has since said he is not prepared to undertake, pointing out he is not in politics to serve and solve problems.


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