Anambra businessman wife dumps after graduating from UNN commits suicide in Lagos

Mr. Joseph Anakwe, a businessman from Anambra state has committed suicide at the Aja area of Lagos after her wife dumps him for another man, WAR has learned.

Miss Jennifer who narrated the incident to WAR said, Anakwe who barely finished secondary school, had trained his wife Amaka to study political science at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

Two weeks Amaka returned from her one year National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC), she told the husband she found another man to marry, pointing out they cannot live together, angry with Amaka decision, her husband took his life.

She was reported to have asked the husband to calculate all monies spent training her while she pays him back.

WAR learned that Anakwe married Amaka when she finished secondary, sent her to UNN to be well educated while she dumped him after graduation, claims he is illiterate and they both aren’t compatible. 

Anakwa was found dead on his chair at the sitting room when his neighbours forced his house door opened and saw his dead body.

Jennifer told WAR, the wife left the house two weeks ago, to a place suspected to be her new husband’s house.

Mr. Okoye who claims to have lived with Anakwe in the same compound for over 11 years, described him as a good man who did his best to give better education to his wife and was betrayed at the end.

Speaking to WAR via a telephone, he narrated how he made many efforts to mediate and make the wife see a reason not to dump his husband for another man she claims she met at Port Harcourt during her one-year NYSC.

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