Anambra woman caught doing evil at shrine rejected by her church

Anambra woman cough in the act of diabolical act has been disowned and rejected by her church.

Mr. Arinze Chukwuka, spokesperson of the church, in a statement, said the woman is not a member of their church and has no identity in the church.

WAR earlier reported how Anambra woman has been caught in the act of burying a pregnant lady alive while killing youth at the Agulu area of the state.

Community residents say the Anambra woman was caught to have buried many people alive including a pregnant lady while killing youth in the community using diabolic powers.

Worse still, community residents say the woman uses the Sabbath church as a cover while destroying innocent lives.

The woman WAR learned has many houses in her compound while she lives in an isolated house built with trees.

Witnesses say her living place is filled with human pictures with many of them written rest in peace at their back.

The Anambra woman has since confessed that the foundation entrance of her house is built with a three months old baby.

She also confessed that three big moulters in her house are been used to pound newborn babies.

A big pot burning out fire flame was also found in her house, a pot she confessed to using it for a terrible wicked act.

The Anambra woman sister confessed to having witnessed her buries people and a pregnant lady alive.

Community youth who gathered to lynch her were prevented by some elders.

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