Apostle Suleman blast ladies, gives reason why God will never allow some marry

Mr. Apostle Suleman, General Overseer, Fire Ministries International Church has come hard on ladies.

The angry pastor has berated ladies for placing  high demand of material things on men and scaring them away.

The pastor said ladies can’t  be praying for husband but demand for iPhone on meeting a man. Man should take care of women but marry her first.

He said many ladies are praying for husband but use their attitude of demanding for excessive material things from men to chase them away.

How can you meet a man you want to marry for the first time, and you are demanding for an iPhone, the pastor said.

That attitude simply chase the men away, he said.

The pastor made this known on a  Twitter where he discussed how God has refused to answer many ladies prayers to get married due to their materialistic nature.

The pastor said such class of ladies make the mistake of demanding for iPhone on barely meeting a man.

“Most single ladies are so materialistic yet they are praying for a good husband..you just met a man and already asking for an iPhone. Is that the registration fee to been his friend?”. He tweeted.

Responding to his tweet, one of his followers tweeted.

“Sir I met one after two weeks was asking me to place her on monthly salary I refuse then I notice money starts getting lost each time she enters my car until I caught her red handed”.

In response, Apostle Suleman wrote:

“Monthly salary as what? are you civil service and even if you are, what’s her job description and office location?..thank God her true attitude showed up..men should take care of women but marry them first..any role before then is merely supportive”.

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