Atiku to file N2 billion charges  against Lauretta Buhari aide for calling him a terrorist

Lauretta Onochie,  an aide to Mr. Muhammadu  Buhari, may be in the court to defend herself for calling Mr. Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a terrorist.

Atiku has since asked Lauretta Onochie for an apology and N500 million for defamation.

Mr. Mike Ozekhome, a lawyer to Atiku, in a letter dated May 14 and addressed  to Onochie say N20 billion suit will be filed against her of she fails to apologize and and give N500 million.

On May 7, Onochie had tweeted that the former vice-president was on a United Arab Emirates (UAE) watch list.

“Atiku on UAE watchlist- Security sources,” Buhari’s aide tweeted.

“Security operatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are keeping a close tab on a former Nigerian Vice Pres Atiku Abubakar who has been in the Middle East nation for several weeks now
What is he doing there?

“Me: Shopping for Terrorists?”

Atiku demands Onochie to publish a retraction in six national newspapers and one international daily as well as on social media.

“Your odious publication is clearly also aimed at rubbishing our client’s image and reputation,” the letter read.

“It has caused him national and international backlash and embarrassment and done incalculable damage to him.

“Your publication has also caused our client, in the eyes of reasonable members of the public, unspeakable odium, obloquy, hatred, ridicule and psychological trauma.

“He has thereby been subjected to the shame and infamy of being viewed by members of the public as not only corrupt, but as a terrorist and sponsor of terrorism. Numerous telephone calls, emails, visits, letters and private social media chats by his family members, friends, political and business associates, and international statesmen and women in the last few days attest to the alarm and serious concerns generated by your false publication.”

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