Attah of Igala, the leprous hand in Kogi progress

The problem is not that the Attah of Igala collected money from Mr. Yahaya  Bello, the Kogi governor to lead traditional rulers to Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria President, to beg Buhari to support  Bello for his second term bid, no, the real issue is that the Attah is no more psychologically sound and needs help.

Attah open support for Bello is not what Igala people will be angry about, but to pray for him because what he needs is prayers and help.

Lest the Attah forgets, Bello is owing workers over 37 months salaries, and one wonders why a man who lives in Idah, a place where poverty calls people by their name as a result of predicament the residents have been subjected to under Bello administration will beat the drum that Bello is the best Governor, and will appoint self a marketing manager of Bello to Igala nation and Kogi at large.

Someone needs to remind the Attah that kogi state civil servants are committing suicide as a result of unprecedented predicament they go   through because of Bello bad governance.

Under Bello government, Kogi state collected huge bail out and allocation from the federal government, and the monies were simply diverted.

The government the Attah is selling to Kogi people is tainted as the most corrupt government in the state history.

Unfortunately, all pensioners in Kogi state have not been paid since Bello took over governance. And Attah pretends not to know.

Please help remind the Attah that under Bello, hardship has intensified in Kogi state, and despite Bello and Attah propaganda about good governance, Kogi state has the highest number of starving people in Nigeria.

It is absurd that in the climax of Bello  litany of failures, Attah is championing those marketing a bad product to Kogi people.

No wonder Mr. Ado Ibrahim, the Ohinoyi of Ibiraland did now want to be in the picture of Bello catastrophic failure of political and economic management.

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