Bello Kogi gov  budgets 0.18 percent for education in 2019

Kogi state government under the leadership of Mr. Yahaya Bello, the governor, budgets 0.18 percent for education in 2019.

BudgiT, a tech organisation that specialises in Budgeting and implementation had put states education budget on info graph, demonstrating percentages allocated by respective states.

In the scale, Kogi state is the least with 0.18 percent.

Bello, signed into law the state 2019 Appropriation Bill of N146.7 billion  approved and passed by the State House of Assembly.

And in the total sum, the state allocated only a fraction of 0.18 percent to education.

This is even as the state has total collapse in education sector with many of the public schools dilapidated and closed.

Worse still, teachers in the state had in many occasions complained of been owed 39 months salaries.

The fraction allocated to education by Bello adminstration shows how insignificance it places eduction.

This is the situation as many of the state civil servants cannot send their children to private schools which is alternative to collapsed public  education, because they are been owed over 36 months of salaries and are in financial predicament.

This is an action that has helped undermined education in Nigeria and Kogi is not the only offender.

Across the Nigerian state, education is not a government priority with little amount being allocated to it.

In the 2019 National budget, the National Assembly, got more allocation than education and health who are two main critical sectors that determine state growth and development.

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