Benue power shift project-2023

By: Paul Edoh Jnr.

If Idoma-Igede people are marginalized, boycotting the 2023 governorship election is inevitable.

One Benue is never a homogenizing tag but a caricature of a sidelined group of a special tribe whose right has been maligned; at least I will be right to say where different cultures blend into one.

Consequently, although I am an avowed proponent of one Benue and good governance, exceedingly conscious that I cannot be a true Benue without first being a consummate Idoma-Igede and Tiv by lineage.

So, as I furrowed over the problems that have bedeviled our so-called one Benue, you will have Pa. Paul Unongo our elder statesman to thank for speaking truth to reality despite critics from under belles of hatred, his words stand firm.

Idoma-Igede people are one of the major ethnic groups killed politically in the state they found themselves all for selfish aggrandizement, this drum is not only beaten by Benue economic and underdevelopment slave masters but with the supportive arms of some insincere traditional leaders whom generations will never be kind to.

With the wherewithal: numerical strength, deposits of natural resources, etc, the two tribes have secured a robust and extensive niche for themselves in the state politics. That we have been denied our rights for the past four decades now requires an explanation from reasonable and God-fearing Tiv elites.

Worst still is the current campaign of where to zone the next governorship, and the shameful of all; is the supportive clamouring for this evil instead of correcting the ills as detected by an elder. Paul Unongo.

Where are our love and conscience if I may ask, where will greed and wickedness take these people championing this cheat to..?

Marginalization is the process and the consequences of a deliberate and evil systematic endeavour by other Benue tribes and to deny the Idoma-Igede their fair share of state political seat, and thereby repressing their progress across the entire spectrum of development which undoubtedly reduced the said tribe to a second class citizen in their state.

If we are one Benue people as claimed on pages of newspapers and jingles on the vocal stream of the media, why were Idoma-Igede not marginalized during the electioneering process?

The average Tiv elites support the one Benue project in the afternoon and turn out to be a wolf in the night, where is the political trust.

If the needful is not done, the boycott of the 2023 election is inevitable as the Idoma-Igede political structure has been set up to better Benue.

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