Breaking: Kogi Assembly commences Achuba Deputy Impeachment; accuse him of corruption, incompetence

The political crisis in Kogi state has taken a different dimension as the state Assembly on Wednesday commenced the impeachment of Mr. Simon Achuba, the Deputy Governor.

Mr. Abdullahi Bello, the State Assembly majority leader read the impeachment letter on the floor of the house.

The lawmaker accused him of criminal indulgence, financial misappropriation and non-performance, hence he must be impeached.  

The majority leader said 21 out of the 25 lawmakers have signed the impeachment notice.

Mr. Kolawole Matthew, the Speaker, has directed that the Deputy Governor be served the impeachment notice while he responds to all allegations within t 14 days as provided by the law.

Mr. Simon Achuba, the Kogi State Deputy Governor, has called on the people of the state to ensure that they vote Mr. Yahaya Bello, the state Governor out of office.

Achuba while speaking on Africa Independent Television (AIT) program “Democracy Today” on Tuesday, said” it will be too difficult for Kogi people to survive Bello four years.

The Deputy Governor who admitted that their government had failed Kogi people, said he is appealing to Nigerians to know how bad they have governed the state.

Achuba has since appealed to Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria President to ensure that the electoral law is strengthened to select leaders who are able and willing to work.

He accused the Governor of using state funds to bribe his way into becoming a Governor for the next four years.

An action the Deputy has called on the state to reject.

The Deputy Governor has since fallen apart with the Governor, accusing him of fund diversion, sporing of violence and arms importation.

The Governor reacting to Achuba allegations, on Tuesday, accused the Deputy of sponsoring violence in the state.

Speaking on the Channels Television programme, ‘Sunrise Daily’ on Monday, Achuba said if Bello denies importing guns in the state, let there be a forensic investigation to find out if he had license to import guns before the importation or he was given licence after the importation.

He narrated how Bello on the eve of 2019 Presidential election gave military and police uniform to civilians who wore them to intimidate and assault people using all kinds of weapons.

The deputy governor said he drew the attention of the state police commissioner when he saw some persons carrying weapons and cutlasses in front of his gate.

Apart from gun importation, the deputy governor accused Bello of diverting public funds meant to pay workers salaries and carry out other infrastructure.

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