Bribery allegation Peru ex president murder self to escape prosecution

Mr. Alan García, a former Peruvian president, has taken his life to avoid prosecution.

He was reported to have shot self on the head on Wednesday when the police arrived his house to get him arrested.

García, was accused of given bribe to a construction company.

Mr. Martin Vizcarra, the country  president announced García’s death via twitter.

Mr. Carlos Morán, the country’s minister of interior, recounted how the former president told the police who arrived his home to allow him to make call and went inside his house and shot self on the head.

He narrated how the police forced their way inside the room when they heard a gunshot and found the ex president down with bullet in his head.

The  ex president was taken to the hospital where he eventually died.

García who was the country two term president, 1986 to 1990 and 2006 to 2011— was accused of taking bribe from Odebrecht, a construction company.

García has since said he is innocent and alleged that his prosecution is political.

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