Buhari method of reading unreasonable speech to Nigerians unacceptable –Ezekwesili

Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, former Nigerian minister of education has criticized Muhammadu Buhari her country president for reading out speeches to his countrymen during national broadcasts instead of speaking to them from his heart.

The former minister said the idea of the president reading speech to Nigerians without allowing pressmen to ask questions and get response from him is unacceptable.

Condemning the president action, Oby tweeted, “Man at what stage will the @NigeriaGov @NGRPresident @MBuhari give a speech and present himself to be questioned by the media?”

“This method of the President reading speeches to citizens without opportunity given to journalists to probe the ideas conveyed is frankly unacceptable” she added.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Buhari has addressed the Nigerian state and her citizens three times in national broadcasts.

And in all the broadcasts, the president had read his speech directly from a book without allowing Nigerians to ask him questions, either through a live broadcast or media chat.

An approach many Nigerians have condemned with some saying the presidency in all the three broadcasts carried out by the president were pre-recorded, edited and aired.

Ezekwesili, has since joined other Nigerians to condemn the president approach and asks he changes the speech reading approach that does not give opportunity to stir a conversation that will allow Nigerians know the president’s mind and  plans for the nation.

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