Buhari’s failure reason Nigerians are appreciating Jonathan – Shehu Sani

Buhari’s huge failure reasons Nigerians are appreciating the government of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, Shehu Sani, a lawmaker from Kaduna state has said.

Sani said although the Jonathan government did not do well, the Buhari administration has become a major disaster forcing Nigerians to appreciate Jonathan.

The lawmaker said it is actually the government of Buhari that is making Nigerians appreciate Jonathan’s government because of its enormous failure.

Sani who made this known on his Facebook page said Buhari and his men underestimated or oversimplified the intensity of Nigerian problems and made impossible promises to clinch power.

The lawmaker said the Buhari government has no capacity to govern and has shifted from the agenda it sold to Nigerians that made them vote him into office.

“One bitter truth we always prefer to ignore is that almost eighty percent of those who ruined the country in its first fifteen years of democratic experience migrated with their old habits and new uniforms to the messianic side and we unreservedly called it a change,” Sani said.

“What is evident today is that the leaders and the led are learning their hard lessons the hard way”

“Those who collected money, fabrics, and favors and queued up to thrust tyrants and incompetent people to the position of power and those who bought their way to the throne are staggering and sweating hopelessly in their storms”.

The lawmaker said that voting is not only about exercising one’s civic responsibility or national duty, but entrusting your life and future to those you gave your mandate, hence you have the responsibility to hold them accountable.

Sani pointed out that those who threw stones and spears at them for speaking truth to power and on behalf of their masters are now voluntarily and slowly turning their back against their lords who had once used them as ladders.

He reminded Nigerians and Buhari supporters that the predicament is only going to get worse while the endless sufferings will continue.

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