Child-rape: Need for urgent school resumption

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which led to the total shutdown of the world Academic Activities has not only come to stay in Nigeria but created an indelible scar yet unhealed.

With the way the federal government is handling the education sector at this time, our faith in the nation’s education system and what it might offer therefore is starting to wane in the face of the socio-economic challenges yet to be experience after this dreaded pandemic if the needful is not done on time.

Reality check, however, reveals a stark contrast with how the figure kept rolling out if our schools will resume academic activities this year.

Reports stated that most states in the country were inundated with increasing reports of child sexual abuses since the lockdown started late march although; lockdown is relaxed by some states; many offices and schools are yet to re-open.

Gathered facts have it that: even before the Covid-19 lockdown, child rape has been part of our existence as young girls between the age of 10 – 20 were rape freely but worsening to note recently that; the abuse skyrocketed from 2-7 years old kids by adults and children themselves.

And this alarming stage has no doubt raised an eyebrow as the Covid-19 continues, this evil (Rape) most likely to grow with multiple impacts on the child sync and even if the child rights act is domesticated, only reported cases will still be given priority and the ones which involve the rich and mighty will be treated with a little peck while we watch and criticize in handicapped.

Pro-lockdown, cases of child sexual abuse were Low compare to what is happening now since they now stay in the same compound, house, and environment with the Abuser.

The constant violations of the child rights act prompted the federal legislators to pass the law protecting the child rights which it’s adoption by various states of the federation became an issue today even where it was domesticated, it’s the implementation by law enforcement officers becomes an issue.

For when the Nigerian law gets to the corridor of the rich, it is usually believed to be ineffective.

Given the pathetic scenario, the lockdown has on the Nigerian child for these four months and has put the government applaudable safety measures in place for combating the world dreaded pandemic.

The government should not look the other way by delaying school  re-resumption which has put these kids away from sexual abusers and for a better future to be envisaged, the need to re-open schools soonest should be made a priority with the implementation of the spelled out measures strictly monitored for constant delay posses more harm than good to the Nigerian Child.

Comrade Paul Edoh Jnr

An Abuja Based,

Education & Media Expert

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