Christians turn Christianity upside down – Kogi Chief of staff

The Kogi state Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulkareem Asuku has come under huge criticism for castigating Christians while speaking on a radio live programme at Lokoja, the state capital.

Asuku was on Radio Kogi, 93.5 frequency modulation on Sunday to speak on the  disagreement among the Okene Central Mosque following the death of Sheikh Musa Galadima, the Imam.

When commenting on the emerging crisis between the Izala and the Tijanniyah, Asuku said some of the Muslims are behaving like today’s Christians who have abandoned the Christian faith and have discarded the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although the presenter reminded him of the implications of his utterances, he continued in his castigation against the Christians.

“My plea to the Islamic Ummah in Ebira land is that for God’s sake, they have started exhibiting Christianity” Asuku said.

“The Muslims in Ebira land have deviated to Christianity ignorantly” Asuku added.

$The modern day Christians have today turned their religion upside down. The Ebira Muslim Ummah has today turned their religion to the way of modern day Christians because of this Imamate issue”.

There is nothing like that in Islam. What they are doing is modern Christianity”.

“It was after Jesus died that Saint Barnabas and Paul stood up and coined the word Christian, to mean Christ-like, long after the death of Jesus Christ. That is the Christian religion that people are following today. That was not the religion of Jesus and that is what those struggling to become Imam are bringing into Islam today”.

Angry over Asuku’s comment, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kogi state chapter has since asked the Chief of Staff to tender an unreserved apology to the Christians.


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