Condom, reason many men cheat – Abuja female corps

Some ladies who are currently undertaking their one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Abuja, the Nigerian capital city has said men who make use of condoms while having sex are highly irresponsible.

The ladies who spoke to WAR said it is the irresponsibility of men that makes them use a condom because they do not want to marry.

Miss Rachael a corps member serving in one of the government agencies with its headquarters close to the Federal Minister of finance while speaking to WAR said men who use a condom are doing that because they do not want to be trapped by any lady.

Describing them as irresponsible, Rachael said a huge number of Nigerian men do not use a condom because they are afraid of sexually transmitted diseases (DTDs) but because they are afraid of unwanted pregnancy.

Miss Bridget, a graduate of the University of Calabar who serves in a public school in Bwari, told WAR that she hates any man that uses condoms describing him as irresponsible and wayward.

Bridget said responsible men do not use a condom and they keep to one woman.

She, however, said men run from one woman to another is the reason they prefer using a condom so they do not impregnate the ladies.

Asked if she is aware of STDs, she said yes, pointing out that men do not use a condom because of STDs but for the sake of avoiding unwanted pregnancy so they can continue with their wayward lifestyle.

Runke who serves at Kuje told this newspaper that she has not used condoms in her life, pointing out she cannot date any man who will use a condom on her.

Runke added that men who use a condom can be in a relationship for 20 years while those who do not spend a maximum of two years in a relationship before getting married.

Asked if she has any evidence to back her claim, she said men who do not use a condom are very responsible while those who do use are responsible because they do not jump from one woman to another.

She, however, dismissed using a condom as a way of preventing STDs but says it gives men the opportunity to be wayward, having sex with multiple women knowing he won’t impregnate and marry any of them.

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