Constituency project: Awka Ibom lawmaker buys 15 old cars for N222 million

Mr. Bassey Albert, a lawmaker from Akwa Ibom sate has been alleged to have purchased 15 old cars at the price of N222 million as part of his constituency projects.

Albert who represents Awka Ibom Northeast in the the Senate, in 2019,  nominated the sum of N222 million for his constituency projects.

A break down shows each of the cars cost above N14 million.

Under the deal, the lawmaker said, the amount will be used for  empowerment projects.

Worse still, rather than use the money for it’s intended purpose, Albert, purchases 15 old cars and distributed them to some selected persons as the constituency projects.

Rather than labeled the cars as constituency projects, Albert claims they are donations to his constituency.

An action, Tracka has since condemned, asking him not to label constituency projects as his donations.

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