Constituency project, Kebbi Senator, Aliero hijacks N50 million Tiller Machines

A Federal Lawmaker from kebbi state has hijacked constituency projects and denied beneficiaries access.

The projects Adamu said are empowerment programmes for farmers in his constituency.

Adamu Aliero, a Senator from Kebbi Central Senatorial district has been caught in the act.

Adamu inserted N50 million in the 2017 budget for constituency projects in communities he represents, projects his people have confirmed they are not aware and are never beneficiaries.

Adamu channelled the N50 million for the purchase of power tiller machines and has refused to release them to the beneficiaries.

This is a glaring example of how many Federal Lawmakers insert monies into the national budget for constituency projects targeted at grassroots empowerment, but divert the funds or in a worse case scenario hijack purchased equipment after approval from the government.

Many Lawmakers simply access the money and disappear. And, many of the projects are not implemented while few were started and abandoned.

Checks by tracka team revealed that Adamu, the Senator purchased tiller machines, dumped them in the warehouse and simply refused to give them to the intended beneficiaries.

Many of the community residents told tracka team they are not aware, Adamu their representative was given money to execute projects in the community.

We are not aware of these projects they told tracka team, we are hearing about them for the first time.

WAR found that despite Adamu, the Senator nominating N50 million for the projects, community residents do not know such projects existed, let alone the amount voted for them.

We are aware of the project because you have come here to educate us about them, they told tracka team.

The N50million expended on the project came to the community residents as a shocker, tracka team lead told this newspaper.

We are not aware government gave our Senator monies to buy tiler machines and distribute to us, the community resident said.

Tracka found out from community engagements that Lawmakers delay constituency project empowerment programmes to use them as campaign drive for the 2019 re-election bid.

The power tiller machines that were supposed to be much useful during raining season to the farmers were never given to the beneficiaries who need them for farming, rather they were locked up in a warehouse, WAR learnt.

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