Coronavirus: Government, re-open schools, kill many Nigerians

As the Nigerian government plans to re-open schools, there are clear indications that many Nigerians are likely to die from the coronavirus spike.

Tall as the government plan to allow for the re-opening of school is, the reality is, that will lead to many deaths as that will trigger community transmission.

Across schools in Nigeria especially public schools, there are no facilities to help contain the spread of coronavirus as many of the classrooms and hostels are dilapidated and overcrowded.

At the Nasarawa state university, Keff, a hostel room that is meant for four students now takes 10 to 12 students with some squatting with their friends sharing beds that are meant for a single person.

The same is not different from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where classrooms and hostels are overcrowded. The same is obtainable in virtually all the public institutions in Nigeria.

Worse still, the federal government has said schools must make available, facilities such as hand sanitizers and isolation centres as requirements for re-opening school.

Even as the government plans to allow for school re-opening, the Nigerian state has not shown the capacity to contain the virus, in Lagos state where virtually all the coronavirus patients are treated, the state government had since said she does not have enough facilities to take care of those already infected.

As the government plans to re-open schools, it has no direct intervention to assist the school authorities in making facilities available to help contain the virus.

Overall, as the government plans to re-open the schools, the Nigerian state should be ready to embrace the reality of more Nigerians dying of coronavirus.







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