Coronavirus reason our employer sacked 300 of us – man laments

Mr. Emeka, a resident of Gidan Zakara in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa state continues to lament over how his employer sacked him and over 300 of his colleagues.

Emeka while speaking to the Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA Foundation), said he was a casual staff of the PW construction company and was sacked because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Emeka told MAWA in his Gidan Zakara residence that over 300workers were sacked by the PW Company as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

He disclosed that immediately the coronavirus began, all construction work by the PW stopped, and that led to the sacking of all casual workers which affected him.

Emeka, however, said that since his sack, life has become more difficult for him and his family, describing coronavirus as a worse calamity that befalls mankind, Emeka said his family barely eats one square meal a day.

“My wife is seven months pregnant since I was sacked, I cannot provide food for her and my baby, I fear that hunger may abort the pregnancy,” Emeka told MAWA team.

Emeka said although her wife manages a small shop where she sells baby things, nobody comes to buy anymore, pointing out that peoples no longer have money to buy anything.

“My wife is managing a small shop where she sells baby things, but since the coronavirus surfaced, she finds it difficult to make N500 daily, nobody comes to buy”

Asked what he does at the moment, he said he helps his wife to sell in her shop since he has no other job doing.

“I am doing nothing at the moment, I now stay in the shop to help my wife sell while she at home taking care of domestic work”

“This is the toughest time of mankind, and I pray God takes us through this difficult time, the economic impact of coronavirus  is too much suffering for my family and I” Emeka added.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to PW for a response.

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