Coronavirus took my business back to level zero

Mrs. Joy, a trader at the Gidan Sakara market has continued to lament how the coronavirus pandemic destroyed her business and has taken her to square one.

Joy, who spoke to the Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation that was in the community to measure the impact of coronavirus on the people, narrated how her business has been destroyed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Joy explained that since the coronavirus pandemic began she has been recording huge low patronage from her customers, leading to loss of income.

She, however, said many of her customers who are mainly farmers no longer have the purchasing power to buy from her.

She attributed the development to their inability to sell their farm produce because buyers who come from Kano, Kaduna, and Abuja to purchase their product cannot come to the community as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

A development Joy said has adversely affected her business, because her customers no longer buy from her.

Narrating the impact of coronavirus on her business, Joy said she now struggles to feed her family, pointing out how she has forced her kid to eat half a meal a day because things are now very difficult and tough for all households in Gidan Sakara.

“Before coronavirus, I sell a lot, but since this pandemic began, I struggle to sell two plastics in a whole day”

Joy frowned at the government’s inability to distribute palliative to Gidan Sakara residents, pointing out that throughout the lockdown, community residents were left to go through hunger and starvation without any form of assistance from the government.

This is even as Joy told MAWA team that she does not believe coronavirus exists, adding that the government came up with a fake narrative of the pandemic to steal public funds.

She, however, challenged the MAWA team to show her anybody who is a coronavirus patient or their relatives.

“In the whole of this Gidan Sakara, there is nobody that has died of coronavirus, we don’t have it, it does not exist, please help us tell the government to stop suffering the poor for nothing sake,” Joy said.

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