Corruption mars local govt project implementation-BudgIt 

BudgIT, a non-governmental organization has called for transparency and accountability in the ways community projects are executed, pointing out how corruption and state governors interferences frustrate grassroots development.

The organization says it is worried that despite the huge resources that go into local government funding and community projects, projects are poorly done, while others are abandoned.

This is one of the core reasons why the Nigerian state suffers a huge infrastructural deficit, the NGO disclosed.

Although local government was created for the primary purposes of developing local communities, the idea has since been defeated, BudgIt seems to have believed.

The organization pointed out how the interference of state governors in the affairs of the local government operation frustrates developments in local communities.

As part of ensuring transparency and accountability in the way local government funds are used and utilized, BudgIt, through Tracka carried our project monitoring in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), building citizens’ capacity on public finance and budget monitoring.

The organization says it visited 35 communities and monitored 42 projects captured in the council’s 2018 budget.

Out of the 42 projects monitored, 22 completed,14 ongoing, and 6 projects yet to commence.


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