Corruption speaks as Obohia – Aba road becomes a death trap

The manifestation in the volume at which corruption speaks has shown in the  Obohia – Aba road in Abia state that has become a death trap.

Residents decry the deplorable nature of the road and are appealing to the state government to fix the road.

Mr. Abbey, a witness who has good knowledge of the road say residents  go through hell using the road.

Abia state, a commercial city in the Southeast zone of Nigeria is notorious with bad road and dirty environment.

Visit to Aba the capital city of Abia state exposes one to deplorable roads and toxic smell of refuse dumps.

Residents of the area are calling on the state government to help fix the road and address issues of sanitation.

Mr. Felix Onwughalu who lives in the community, in a telephone conversation with WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) said the road has been in a deplorable condition for years.

A graduate of economics from University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) told this newspaper that the state government budgets money annually to fix the road, but says nothing has been done on the road for years.

Asked why has the road not been fixed despite budget allocation every year, he said, politicians and contractors share the money and abandoned the project.

Miss Ada who say she is 36 years of age and has lived in the community since she was born and uses the road everyday, accused the Abia state government of not prioritising the road and other infrastructural provision to citizens.

Speaking to this newspaper on Monday, she said Obohia road has been in terrible condition for years, she pointed out that there are many communities in the state that suffer more than what Obohia residents suffer.

” There are many communities in Abia that are not accessible because of bad road” she told this newspaper.

Kenneth Eze, a trader in the community told this newspaper they are suffering because of corruption, he accused the state government of embezzling monies meant for infrastructure.

” There is notching happening in Abia state, in my state, corruption speaks with a loud voice” he said.

WAR could not immediately reach out to Abia state authority for official response over the residents claim.

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