Despite N25.4 billion education allocation, Kaduna Primary School in terrible condition

Kaduna Primary School has continued to be in a  terrible condition despite the sum of N25.4 billion appropriated to education by the state.

Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) Ung/Pah primary school in Lere Local Government Area of the state is in terrible dilapidated condition.

This is even as the state in her 2019 appropriation, said Education and health have allocation of N39.14 billion which is 41% of the N94 billion allocated to capital budget.

In the breakdown, Mr. Nasir Elrufai, the state Governor, said Education has a capital budget of N25.4 billion while Health has N13.1 billion.

Lere Primary school does not reflect the claim of the state to have spent such huge amount on education.

Worse still, over  600 pupils learn under the terrible dilapidated condition of the school.

Tracka who exposed the school has since appealed to the state government to fix the school.

Responding to Tracka request to fix the school,  Mr. Nasir el-rufai, the Kaduna state Governor, said it is the responsibility of the local government to fix primary school.

“We appreciate your efforts. Your message has been re-directed to the Chairman Lere Local Govt who is responsible  for primary schools in the Constitution” the governor said.

The State Government  assists with matching grants via SUBEB. We neither control elected LGCs nor touch their funds” the governor added.

The terrible nature of the school

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