Easter Attack,  Sri Lanka President Sacks National Intelligence Chief

Mr. Sisira Mendis, the Sri Lanka Chief of National Intelligence has admitted that the April 21 Easter attack in the  country that killed 258 people, including 45 foreigners and wounded over500 happened as a result of failure of the security agencies to do their job.

A testimony that has led to his sack by the country president, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena.

The country put in place a probe to investigate the attack, testifying before the probe, the country
Chief of National Intelligence admitted their failure to avert the attack.

The security chief, blamed the president for his inability to hold regular security meetings to assess the threat from Islamic fundamentalist in the country.

The president ordered stop of the live testimony broadcast, and did not give reason why the intelligent chief was sacked.

A ministerial source told AFP, Sirisena has refused to allow any police, military or intelligence personnel to testify before the probe committee.

Another source said, meeting with the cabinet ended without a final decision on whether to end the probe or continue.

Sirisena’s defence secretary and police chief disclosed that the President did not give room to deal properly with the  intelligence and  warnings about the Easter Sunday attack.

However, Sirisena repeatedly denied knowledge of the early warning signals.

After the attack, a local jihadist organisation and the Islamic State group said, they carried out the attack.

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