ECOWAS Political Affairs Directorate activities to gulp 612.5 million Naira in 2019

The ECOWAS Political Affairs Directorate has released its budget for the incoming 2019 fiscal year.

This was done during an ad-hoc committee session on ECOWAS budget in Abuja Thursday morning at the ECOWAS parliament as part of activities marking the Second Ordinary Session of ECOWAS Parliament.

The budget covers 3 programmes, 12 projects and 44 activities among which consolidation of peace and political processes in member states stands out at $118,681 for the year in question.

Other notable items on this budget include operationalizing mediation support; cooperation platform with the UN, AU, and EU; knowledge management and capacity building for mediation processes; conflict prevention, among others.

The budget will be deliberated upon and passed by the ECOWAS Parliament in subsequent sittings.

The budget will be majorly financed by contributions from member states and partly funded by grants and counterpart funding from other relevant international partners.

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