#EndSARS protest: Buhari should be careful

Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian president must be very careful in the way he handles #endsars protest to avoid citizens anger and uprising.

The president ought to know many Nigerians are not pleased with his style of leadership considering the fact that many are passing throughout predicament and see him as the cause of their pain.

The protest, presents an opportunity for the citizens especially the youth to show their anger on the way the country governance has failed them in all ramifications.

Thus, Buhari and his team, must fish out those who sponsored thugs to attack protesters in Abuja and Lagos on Wednesday and caution them.

Buhari needs to let his aides know, this is the time for effective conflict management and strategic communication, particularly when you are dealing with large number of youth who are angry with the system, and the protests have no central leadership of control.

In Delta, Lagos and Awka – Ibom states,  there are reported cases of protesters rejecting monies given to them by politicians in a clear example of their anger towards the ruling class.

Youth are contributing their own money to sustain the protests and have not allowed any individual to emerge as a leader of the mass movement.

The president must not make the mistake of using force to end the protest, that  will only aggravate the issues and push the country to a full blown youth uprising.

#Endsars is simply been used as a springboard to begin the people movement which if not properly managed will cost the nation a huge loss.

Audu Liberty Oseni,
Coordinator, MAWA Foundation


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