Enugu community People bath naked, drink dirty water for healing, financial breakthrough

Since the year 2013, people all over Nigeria had gone to a community in Enugu state where they bath naked, drink dirty water for a miracle healing and financial breakthrough.

A river located at the Nachi community in the Udi local government area of Enugu has continued to receive persons who go there to bathe naked, drink dirty water for a belief that they will be healed of any kind of sickness and get a financial breakthrough.

The river that was discovered in November 2013, and was renamed “Miracle Water” witnessed large patronage and later was said to have been abandoned

A visit to the community by WAR uncovers that a good number of persons still visit the Nachi community in Enugu state to drink and bath naked in dirty water to be healed, and, a liberation that will enable them to experience a financial breakthrough.

Mr. Chima, a commercial motorcycle operator told WAR that the river still exists while a good number of persons come from different places to perform rituals in it.

He however said although he has not seen anybody healed as a result of drinking the dirty water and bathing naked in the driver, many people still visit the drive and perform the rituals.

Mr. Achi, a community resident while speaking to the WAR team said some people believe in the power of the river to heal and liberate them that there is nothing you tell them about not visiting and they will listen to you.

He however added that there is a great need for advocacy to stop people from believing in a thing like this nature.

He pointed out that many people have contracted all kinds of sickness such as cholera and typhoid drinking and bathing in the dirty water.

Miss Chinyere Ngwo, a community resident, explained that people are so desperate to have their problems solved especially when it has spiritual connections.

Attributing the visit to ignorance, Ngwo said religious belief and spirituality have destroyed Nigeria and kept her backward, pointing out that many people do not ask real questions about issues bothering them and sick practical solutions, but rather choose to go spiritual which has not solved any problem.

However, Mr. Ugulu Agu, a community resident had a different view, pointing out that the river in the past had boosted the community and Enugu state economy, adding that many people in the community made good money when the river was in a boom.

People bath naked, drink dirty water
People bath naked, drink dirty water
People bath naked, drink dirty water
People bath naked, drink dirty water

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