Exclusive: Our commander stopped us from attacking Boko Haram – Soldier

Our commander stopped us from attacking Boko Haram, a Nigerian soldier who trekked for 28 days and spent four years fighting Boko Haram in Borno State has narrated.

Narrating the incident to WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) the soldier told this newspaper he spent four years at Borno state fighting Boko Haram and was redeployed back to Abuja last year.

Narrating how the troop’s commander stopped them from attacking Boko Haram, the soldier said, we were stopped from attacking Boko Haram members who took away the Chibok girls.

“We watched the Chibok girls taken away in 12 SUV vehicles” We were asked not to advance by our commander,” he told this newspaper.

The soldier narrating how their commander stopped them from attacking Boko Haram members who took away Chibok girls, said, when they asked their commander why he stopped them from attacking the insurgents, he told them there is an order from above not to attack them.

“We wept, seen them took away Chibok girls, but there is nothing we could do”

“In one of our operations, we caught a Boko Haram member, tie his hands behind him and handed him over to our commander”. 

Immediately the Boko Haram member called the commander name, he collected a gun from a soldier, shot and killed him.

Travel with our reporter from Kaduna to Abuja in a train, the soldier said the main problem of Boko Haram is the corruption among the senior army officials who have turned Boko Haram insurgency as a means of making money.

Because of the huge amount of money troops commanders fighting Boko Haram in North East makes, it is now a dream of every soldier to rise to the rank of becoming a troop commander in the zone, the soldier said.

Make no mistake about it, Boko Haram has come to stay, military officials have institutionalized Boko Haram, he told our reporter in a Train along Kaduna – Abuja route.

Boko Haram kidnapped 276 female students from Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State on the night of 15 April 2014.   

WAR could not immediately reach out to the military to respond to the allegation.

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