Extra: Church member sows seed with another man’s N3.3 million Rolex Watch

Mr. Kelvin Ebuka has been detained at the police station for sowing seed with a N3, 394,750 (9,175 dollar equivalent) Rolex watch given to him by his friend Tosin Adebayo.

Ebuka who sowed seed with N3.3 million Rolex watch given to him by his friend in one of the Pentecostal churches in Wuye Area of Abuja during Wednesday service, said he was moved by the Holy Spirit.

Adebayo narrated that he left the Rolex Watch with Ebuka inside his car while going to pick his mum from the Airport with his younger brother Tunde.

When he came back from the Airport, and inquired about his Rolex, his friend said he has sowed seed with it.

Asked why he did that, he said, he was moved by the Holy Spirit as a result of the prayers that he encountered during the church service.

Angry with the development, Adebayo’s Dad picked up Ebuka with police and detained him.

Mr. Johnson, a junior pastor of the church who conducted the Wednesday service was summoned by Adebayo’s father at his Maitama Abuja residence, where he promised to make the Rolex watch available.

A senior member of the church, who narrated the incident to WAR, said it was an embarrassing moment when the pastor told the church authority that the Rolex church used in sowing seed during church programme be returned to the owner.

When the senior pastor inquired why the Rolex should be returned, having been used as a seed, the junior pastor, clarified that the person who gave the watch as a seed is not the owner, pointing out the real owner was not aware and did not authorize Ebuka to use it for seed sowing.

Another source from the church, told WAR, although the senior pastor has asked that the Rolex watch be returned to the owner, he was not happy with the development, alleging that was a gang up by some members of his church to ridicule his ministry.

WAR learned that Ebuka was released from the police detention on Thursday morning.

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