Extra: Woman cutoff husband manhood for denying her sex

A Ugandan woman has cut off her husband penis for denying her sex. Mrs. Beatrice Acen was denied sex by her husband as a punishment for drinking excess alcohol.

Acen has now deserted her home to an unknown destination after committing the crime.

Witnesses narrated how Acen came home drunk on the 30th day of June and demanded her husband Mr. Moses Okot, a 46-year-old man have sex with her.

When the husband could not yield to her demand on the ground that he was tired having spent the whole day working, her wife got angry, attacked him and cut off his penis while he was asleep.

Okot said part of the reason he refused having sex with his wife was to punish her for the excess intake of alcohol which he said angers him any time he sees his wife in that condition. ‘

‘As a man, I would no longer tolerate such, so I decided to deny her sex with the hope that she would reform,’ he said.

Community residents including the village head confirmed that Acen has the habit of attacking the husband, and narrated how she broke the husband’s collar bone last year when both were fighting.

The police have since started trailing Acen while Okot is at the Apac main hospital where he is currently been treated.

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