Extra: Woman marries dead man in Enugu state to inherit his wealth

A woman from Okutu community in Nsukka local government area of Enugu state has married a dead man to inherit his wealth.

Miss Nkechi Ezea has married Mr. Justus, a wealthy business man who lived in Onitsha in Anambra state and  died without a child.

Worried by the amount of wealth he has, his uncle Mr. Uroko approached Ezea family to marry their daughter for the deceased.

He argued that since the deceased died without a child, the new wife will give birth to a male child that will bear the man’s name and inherit his wealth.

A family source say the family rejected the offer of marrying off their daughter to the dead, but Mr. Uroko lobbied the father by buying a Jicheng motorcycle for him.

Having collected the motorcycle, he decided to give out his child to be married to a dead man.

Although community residents kicked against the marriage, Nkechi went ahead and married the dead.

Angry with her action, she was ostracised by the community residents and was constantly insulted by the residents, particularly the young ladies.

To save her from constant embarrassment, Uroko made an arrangement and relocated her from Okutu to Nsukka town where she now sells cosmetics.

This Newspaper learned that Nkechi has three children whom they claim belong to the dead.

Some persons spoken to in the community say such a marriage is a taboo and the culture does not allow that.

Mr. Ugwu Sunday, a 39 old man who spoke to WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) via a telephone conversation,  say the lady and her father have since been rejected by their family members for engaging in a taboo that has brought shame to the family.

WAR could not immediately reach out to Nkechi to her own side of story.

Among the Ibos, families are not always happy burring a wealthy man who has no children to inherit his wealth.

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