Fed varsity Lafia expels student for impregnating his lecturer

Federal University Lafia has expelled a student for impregnating his lecturer.

Kelvin, a Computer Science department,  Faculty of Science student slept with the lecturer countless of time before impregnating her.

Kelvin’s action led to his expulsion from the school after he appeared before a disciplinary committee and was found guilty of sleeping and having sex with his lecturer.

He confessed to have slept with the lecturer and had sex with her severally on so many occasions, including in her office.

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4 thoughts on “Fed varsity Lafia expels student for impregnating his lecturer

  1. The School authority are jokers . The student should sue them .I don’t think any law disallow their type of relationship
    If anyone should be disciplined it should be the lecturer, but even that will be tough as it is her personal life and as long as it has not affected her work then no issues

  2. What about the female lectural?. Had there been she didn’t open her legs the student shouldn’t have entered. I’m very sure that the student must be those boys that came from a wealthy family. She was eating from the guy pocket thinking that she is wise not knowing that God pass human being. The female lectural too supposed to be sact.

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