Four years after, APC govt yet to fix Enugu – Onitsha express road

Passengers that use Enugu – Onitsha express road continue to lament on the deplorable nature of the road.

Commuters are recounting their experience on how terrible the road has become.

Mr. Emeka Onwughalu, who claims to live in Enugu and works in one of the private IT firms, told WAR that the road is terrible.

He said from Awka to Enugu that is about 30 minutes journey, now takes over four hours.

Chinyere Okwudili, a commercial bus driver, told WAR on Saturday that the road has become a nightmare for commuters.

He complained how motorists spend hours on the road. He pointed out that the manpower that is wasted on the road is too enormous, and has appealed to the government to fix the road.

Mr. Osita Obasi, a commercial driver who told WAR he plies the road everyday, said, apart from the long hours spent on the road, cars are wearing off, and it has become a target for kidnappers who take the advantage of the deplorable nature of the road.

Mr. Charles Obodoeze, who claims to live in Enugu, say the terrible nature of the road has forced motorists to go back to old Awka – Enugu road that has been abandoned years ago.

According to him, the road though very narrow, is the only alternative route.

He called on the government to hasten the construction of the Enugu – Awka road to stop the avoidable manpower wastage on the road.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) government has often made reference to the road as one its projects in the southeast zone.

It has before the 2019 General Elections, claimed to have completed the road at about 95%.

A claim that has since been punctured.

Many of the motorists on the road have continued to lament the  terrible nature of the road, and are calling on Nigeria government to fix the road.

Worse still, APC government says it commenced construction of the road four years ago when it first assumed office.

The party has finished its first term of four years, and has commenced another second term of four years, while the road is yet to be completed, leaving motorists to lament on the terrible nature of the road.

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