Four years after, Buhari govt yet to Cleanup Ogoniland

Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s government who publicly launched Ogoni clean up on the 2nd day of June 2016 is yet to carry out the exercise four years after WEST AFRICA REPORTERS reports today.

Worse still, at the launch, the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government said it has made a solemn commitment to implement the UNEP report on Ogoniland and is determined to put right the wrongs of the past, where Ogoni people were treated unfairly and their environment unduly degraded and polluted.

In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) assessment report found that in the last 50 years, oil exploration has destroyed Ogoni land and estimated that it could take up to 30 years to be rehabilitated.

Four years after, besides setting up the governing structure for the cleanup exercise, the Buhari led APC government is yet to commence work in Ogoni and the people are still suffering high environmental harm.

Residents of Ogoni told this newspaper that they do not believe that the government was sincere in its commitment. Mr. Egbirima in a phone conversation said a government that has shown it has no money, where will it get $1billion to cleanup Ogoni, it is unfortunate that in Nigeria politicians play politics with everything.

A local source who briefed this newspaper told our reporter that the United Nations and the National Oil Spill Detection Remediation Agency, NOSDRA, in June 2017 visited Ogoni to ascertain the level of work done in the cleanup process. And, they saw nothing on the ground.

An investigation revealed that some APC members simply connived with the APC government at the federal to deceive the people using Ogoni as an entering point.

A top APC official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said he does not believe APC had any intention of cleaning up Ogoni.

Supposing APC genuinely wants to clean up Ogoni where is the money to carry out the exercise, the APC top man said.

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