Frequent sex makes women very healthy— expert says

Maymunah Kadiri, a medical doctor with specialization in psychiatrist has said that frequent sex is key to preventing depression in women.

She urged women to have sex as many times as possible saying that will help them curb depression.

Kadiri, who is the Medical Director at Pinnacle Medical Services gave the advice on Saturday when speaking to News Agency of Nigerian reporters in Lagos.

Kadiri said, apart from sex being very important in nourishing a woman’s body, it helps her mental health and also a cure for headache.

As women, there is need for us to have frequent sex for fitness and healthiness, she said.

“Studies have shown that women who are very active in sex are less likely to be depressed than women who go without sex.

more sex is important and essential. It is a remedy for persistent headache in women.

Kadiri also explained that good sex also leads to good sleep.

Women who are into depression should find frequent sex as a cure, Kadiri said.

Also fat woman should resort to frequent sex as that will boosts their endorphins level saying Endorphins are happy hormones.

“The happy hormones will make them lose some calories as well as sleep better.

She assured that orgasms during sex trigger the release of endorphins that act as effective painkillers in women.

There is no substitute to frequent sex she said.

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