Fulani Herdsmen kidnap, kill man after collecting N3 million ransom in Plateau

Fulani herdsmen on Saturday kidnapped a 50-year-old man, Mr. Nathan, from his house at the Chigwong community area in Pankshin Local Government of Plateau.

Nathan was kidnapped from his house at about 7:20 pm by four Fulani herdsmen to an unknown destination his wife told MAWA Foundation.

Speaking to Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA Foundation), Nathan’s wife, Mrs. Felicia Nathan, said the armed Fulani herdsmen walked into their house and demanded that her husband follow them while warning that any attempt of resistance will lead to his death in the presence of his wife.

Nathan, who has since been freed after paying a ransom, while narrating his experience in the hands of his abductors, told MAWA Foundation that during the day his eyes would be covered with a black mask while at night it would be taken off.

He explained how he was physically tortured, starved of water and food while trekking a long distance for hours inside a forest.

Nathan confirmed to MAWA Foundation that the sum of N5 million was paid as ransom for his release by his family while one person was killed due to delays in paying the sum of N2 million after the N3 million had been earlier paid to the abductors.

Nathan, however, called on the government to immediately arrest this insecurity problem in the country or else everyone will be affected while there will be no safe place for anybody.

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