Girl sets ablaze in Obudu for allegedly aiding boyfriend to snatch a bike

Miss Vivian, a 32-year lady has been set ablaze in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River State for allegedly aiding her boyfriend to kill a commercial motorcycle rider and stealing his bike.

Vivian was accused of harbouring her man whom community residents alleged to have killed Mr. Peter Akikieye, a commercial motorcycle rider (Okada) and collected his bike.

A source who gave his first name as Mr. Akomaye said Vivian was set ablaze when her alleged boyfriend killed a man and stole his Bike and ran away from the community and could not be found.

Another source narrated how Vivian aka China, was killed and set ablaze in Obudu on Saturday when the community residents accused her of aiding her boyfriend to kill Mr. Peter Akikieye and stole his bike.

Akikieye corpse was found along Bishiri road, in Obudu community on the 23rd day of December last year, an action community resident said, Vivian conspired with her boyfriend to kill him in order to snatch his motorcycle.

A witness narrated how some cult boys belonging to KK group picked Vivian, started molesting her before she was finally killed and set ablaze.

The cultist demanded that Vivian produce her boyfriend when she could not produce him because the man has deserted the community, the angry cultists killed her and set her ablaze, a witness added.

Another community resident said that Vivian was dragged to Okada Park where she was killed and set ablaze in the presence of more than 500 community residents.

Mr. Fidelis said the killing was done in the presence of two police officers. The police watched her been killed and could not rescue her.

Some of the community residents made attempt to stop her from been killed but were overpowered by those who see jungle justice as the best way of punishing her.

Confirming the incident, Irene Ugb, the Police spokesperson, said Vivian was killed and set ablaze for alleged aiding and abetting crime in the community.

Vivian haboured the suspect in her house when the angry mob went to her house and dragged her out and killed her.

Ugh, said the police condemn the killing and said, the command has warned community residents severally not to take laws into their hands but follow the due process for the law for prosecuting any suspect.


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