Gunshots as Shiite members, police clash again in Abuja

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Shiites, have on Thursday clashed with security operatives, causing tension around Abuja, the Nigeria capital city.

Members of Shi’ite on Tuesday storm National Assembly to protest the release of their leader.

Four police men were shot in a protest that turned violence.

One of the policemen was rushed to the Assembly clinic in a pool of blood.

The four policemen that were shot are attached to the National Assembly.

The group has staged different protests in Abuja and Kaduna demanding release of their leader, Mr. El Zaky Zaky who has been in detention for over the years.

Witness say the group into the Assembly complex one after the other until they formed a large group of protesters.

They at first surmounted policemen at the first gate, but were stopped by four policemen at the second gate.

An action that got the group angry making them to shoot at the policemen.

Cars were also smashed by the group.

A windscreen of a Police pick up van were also smashed.

The damaged police vehicle and destroyed windows at the Assembly complex.

Some visitors at the Assembly complex had their cars smashed by the group.

A team of policemen have been drafted to the complex for law and order.

While the protesters this newspaper learned the protesters have disappeared from the Assembly complex.

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