Hack our iPhones, get 1million USD  reward from us — Apple announces

Apple, dares hackers to hack their Apple iphone and get one million USD reward.

The company however said before it pays the reward, the hacker must disclose to them how he or she made the hacking possible.

Mr. Ivan Krstić, Apple head of security engineering and architecture, made the announcement on Thursday in Las Vegas at the annual Black Hat hacker convention.

Forbes, reported that Apple says it will pay the sum to an attack technique that a researcher discovers and discloses to Apple.

This is the highest any tech company has offered to pay hackers who have the skill to hack their device.

The company disclosed that while it will pay  $1 million to anyone who hacks their apple device, it will equally pay $500,000  to anyone who finds a “network attack requiring no user interaction ”

It also made a promise of a 50% bonus for hackers who find vulnerabilities in its software before release.

The company says this extends to all of Apple’s platforms including iOS, iCloud, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and Apple TV operating systems with fewer rewards to be giving for similar efforts.

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