Heavy traffic as Bello Kogi Gov Sprays Money along Lokoja Gwagwalada Abuja Road

There was heavy traffic as Mr. Yahaya Bello, the Kogi state Governor sprayed money along Gwagwalada – Abuja road.

The incident that happened on Wednesday led to many passengers, commercial motorcycle operators, hawkers and commercial vehicle loaders struggling to pick the money that was thrown by Bello causing heavy traffic.

The governor who was going to Abuja slowed down with his convoy at Madam Mercy junction where he threw away bundles of N500 notes.

The governor was seen displaying eight fingers, a sign of (4+4) while he winds down his vehicle glasses and threw away money in the denomination of N500 notes to passengers, commercial motorcycle operators, and others. 

Passengers, commercial motorcycle operators, hawkers, and youth at a popular Wazobia park were seen struggling to pick the money thrown at them by the governor leading to heavy traffic that lasted for over 20 minutes forcing travelers to be delayed.

Worse still, Nigeria has a law and policy that criminalizes the spraying of her currency.

While the country Central Bank has been appealing and education the citizens on the importance of keeping the Naira note clean, Kogi governor seems not to be aware or has chosen to disregard the CBN directive and mutilate the country currency.

This is even as many workers in the state say the governor owes them over three years’ salaries.

Bello is the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the November 16 Kogi state governorship election.

Although he has become very unpopular, his party said he has done well and will clinch victory for the party in the election.

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