How Abuja hospitals operate in dilapidated condition

A study by Dynamone Consult and Good Governance Initiative has revealed that many primary healthcare hospitals in Abuja do not have electricity and are carrying out their operation in darkness.

The study found that 43 percent of Primary Health Centres surveyed in Abuja, operate in darkness.

The hospitals are not connected to electricity while those that are connected hardly have an electricity supply.

The study investigated 60 Primary Healthcare Hospitals in Abuja.

Besides operating in darkness, the study found that the hospitals lack drugs and equipment with health personnel working in a very bad working condition.

Because of lack of electricity, virtually many of the hospitals stop working from 5:00 pm with few who stay beyond the time using candlelight, rechargeable lamps, kerosene lanterns,  and small generators for night emergencies.

Worse still huge amount of funds are allocated for the building and renovation of Primary Healthcare Hospitals in Abuja. every year.

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