How Coronavirus is making life difficult for us – Keffi sex workers

Sex workers operating at the Keffi area of Nasarawa state have continued to lament how the Coronavirus pandemic is making life difficult for them.

Some of the sex workers who spoke to the Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA – Foundation) who visited a hotel where they operate from, say they have been facing acute hardship since the Coronavirus pandemic surfaced.

The leader of the sex workers popular known as Mama G, who spoke to MAWA at the International Hotel Keffi recounted how the Coronavirus pandemic is making life difficult for the sex workers.

While narrating their predicament, Mama G said since the Coronavirus pandemic surfaced, the number of customers that patronise them have since reduced drastically.

One of  the sex workers who spoke to MAWA said her customers have reduced, recounting how she has lost her customers, she said.

” Before the Coronavirus pandemic, I usually have six to seven men to service a day, but since the pandemic began, I barely get four men the whole day”.

She also added that despite the lost of customers, the price of their services have since dropped while few men that come around cannot pay the price anymore.

” Before the Coronavirus pandemic, a round of sex goes for N3000 and N2500, but since the pandemic began, customers are begging us for N1000 per a round of sex” the sex workers said.

The sex workers, however said they made between N5k to N7k daily before the Coronavirus pandemic, but at the moment they struggle to make N4k daily.

But if you work extra hard you can make N5k daily one of the sex workers said.

The sex workers who say they have no regret over their profession and are happy doing it, say they are continually praying to God so that the  Coronavirus pandemic will come to an end so that the economy will bounce back while their business returns to boom as it was before.

Note: Picture not real, used for an illustration.

This report is supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).


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